Tender and conservatory plants

We like to do things a bit differently at the Nursery, if we hear that a certain plant is not only beautiful but difficult to get hold of we then go all out to propagate it in order to add it to our collection.



Lapageria rosea

This is a plant that we are particularly fond of, it is the Chilean Bellflower or Copihue. Usually found under its Latin tag of Lapageria rosea it is the national flower of Chile. We started off with just a few plants and a seed pod and a load of sound advice from Mike Jeans of Tomorrows Plants and we now have a healthy stock of over 200 plants from seedlings to mature plants on 4ft canes. Some have even flowered for the first time so we know what colour they are going to be!

The Fleshy long-lasting blooms come in a variety of sizes and shades from White right through the pink chart to deepest red.


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