Trees, Ornamental & Fruit

Fruit trees. (All British Grown)

Apples. ( I have not included the rootstock alongside the varieties as this can sometimes change due to availability. Please do ask us for actual rootstocks used.)

Ashmeads Kernel (Eater)

Ballerina Flamenco (Cordon, Eater)

Blenhiem Orange (Eating/Cooking)

Bountiful (Eating/Cooking)

Braeburn (Eating)

Bramley ‘Original’ (Cooker)

Cox’s Orange Pippin SF(The original Cox, Eater,)

Discovery (Eater)

Egremont Russet (Eater)

Fiesta (Eater)

Gala (Eater) on an M27 rootstock

Golden Delicious (Eater)

Granny Smith (Eater)

Greensleeves (Eater)

James Greive (Eater/Cooker)

Katy (Fan-trained Eater)

Limelight (Eater)

Red Devil (Eater)

Red Falstaff (Eater)

Scrumptious (Eater)